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Warrior, Clergy, Scientist, Magician, Lover


Are you on the Path of the Warrior, Clergy, Scientist, Magician, Lover?

Regardless of your archetype we all approach our lives, relationships, professions, and creativity with distinctive styles. These approaches or ArchePaths have been used for thousands of years to help individuals gain self-knowledge, become more authentic, and be more effective.

Determine your ArchePaths and enhance all aspects of your life, the characters you create for your stories, and how you build your teams.

The Warrior Path is about challenge, exploration, bravery, leadership, right use of Power, personal sacrifice for the greater good, protecting the weak and the innocent, standing up for the Good, the True, the Beautiful.

The Clergy Path is about devotion, Purity, renunciation, service to others, withdrawal from the material world, the use of ritual to connect with higher energies, direct access to the creative/spiritual realm.

The Scientist Path is about rationality, logic, Process, the determined search for provable truth, understanding of the deepest causes, and how to apply the scientific process to your own creative projects.

The Magician Path is about appearance, Performance, engaging the audience, being something of a trickster, the glamour of illusion, the power of story-telling, understanding and using patterns to further creativity.

The Lover Path is about Passion, adoration, connection, perfect union with a beloved, a cause, an ideal. Feelings rule, and sensuality is a means for transformation as well as a style of creativity.

Each ArchePath has three levels and three styles of approach, so there is plenty of individuality and room for growth and exploration within this ancient system of character analysis and development.
For more information about how aligning with the ArchePaths can improve your life, your creative projects, and your business — email pamelajayesmith(at) or phone 323-874-6447 to receive a FREE 15-minute consultation.