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Mythic Allies



— Collaboration is Key to Successful Creativity —


MYTHWORKS is a company that expands and streamlines according to the unique needs of each project. As a longtime media producer-director MYTHWORKS founder Pamela Jaye Smith has worked with crews of over eighty people to just a handful.

We have a rich cadre of colleagues, consultants, researchers, and performers on whom to call for various projects.

Areas of expertise include media, art, education, entertainment, transmedia, screenplays, fiction and non-fiction, the military, government, science, technology, civil society, law, health care, religion, Masonry, metaphysics, NGOs, and more.

Our colleagues include award-winning filmmakers, studio and development execs, story consultants, designers, web series creators, authenticity directors, futurists, entertainment attorneys, military officers, life coaches, university professors, corporate execs, health professionals, and more.

We have working relationships with people whose ages range from elementary school students to the very seasoned individual. They’re all around the world so we can offer a global perspective for your project.

Whatever your media, story, professional, or personal development needs, we’ll be happy to discuss how we might assist you to better achieve your goals.


Paula J. Lewis – Business Affairs
Mike Restaino – Sales
Monty Hayes McMillan – Public Relations
Aurora Miller – IT Manager
Sally Shepard – Publications Manager
Brian Dyer – Marketing Consultant

Board of Advisors


Business Affairs

Paula J. Lewis - Business Affairs
As a Producer/Production Manager with nearly thirty years of experience in media-related industries, Paula has taken several network, PBS, and cable documentary films from inception to air date.

Her early career featured Financial Planning and Analysis for the 100-store chain of CBS Retail Stores. Paula was Production Manager for the National Geographic’s five-year $20 million series Infinite Voyage. She was also Production Manager for award-winning documentaries and commercials and has sent film crews to every continent on the planet — and gotten them back, bringing each film in on time and under budget.

As a civic leader with military outreach programs, Lewis has toured destroyers, air craft carriers and air bases, and has witnessed simulated tank warfare in the high desert and mid-air refueling of FA/16 fighter jets.

Paula is a roller coaster enthusiast, a gourmet cook, and a loyal fan of the San Francisco Forty-Niners. She lives in California’s wine country and writes a monthly column for five Los Angeles-based newspaper magazines. “Wine News From The North” reflects her passion for wine appreciation.

To consult with Paula about your finances:
Email Paula



Mike Restaino - Marketing Guru
A filmmaker, writer and adventurer, Mike Restaino’s workplace talents are as varied as artistic achievements. His 2001 short film ShowChickens – made as a thesis film for the Master’s program at the University of Southern California’s film school – traveled with acclaim to more than 50 film festivals worldwide and has sold more than 25,000 VHS copies. A DVD featuring ShowChickens and ten other shorts directed by Mike is slated for release in May 2007. Other examples of Mike’s filmmaking have been featured on PBS, The IFC Channel and NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Mike is also a head DVD critic for Yahoo! Movies, a major contributor to DVDFile (the biggest independent DVD news/review site in the world), and has a weekly column in Entertainment Today magazine. He has additionally contributed to two recently-published best-selling entertainment books: Crystal Lake Memories: The History of Friday the 13th (one of the biggest-selling film-related coffee table books of 2006) and Ultimate DVD.

He has also lectured on filmmaking and film history at the University of California at Berkeley (his alma mater) and San Francisco State University, and is currently in Northern California shooting his first feature film as a writer/director. Better Than Crazy is soon scheduled for release.

Contact Mike


Public Relations

Monty Hayes McMillan - Public Relations
Monty has 25+ years experience in the media industry on feature films, TV series, commercials, documentaries, MTV, corporate, and military projects.

He has presented projects to U.S. Senators, Vice Presidents, foreign Ambassadors, heads of multi-national corporations, and heads of state in sometimes dicey situations.

A world traveler, McMillan has taught television production in Malaysia, filmed on the Arctic ice cap, and photographed the indigenous peoples of the Andes. He was media consultant for the China Exploration and Research Society, and in conjunction with documentary projects has spent time in Burma [Myanmar], the Philippines, and throughout SE Asia.

Monty is a member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and has attended the National Security Forum at the Air Force’s Air War College as well as the National Security Seminar at the U.S. Army War College. As a director, he has worked on several episodes of AUSA’s America’s Army.

A favored host among friends and colleagues, Monty is an expert with the barbecue grill and makes his own bread.

He contributes articles to various publications, including the Daedalus pages of the MYTHWORKS website. And he is a Director, Cinematographer, and Writer at High Tech Media.

To consult with McMillan on your PR needs:
Email McMillan



IT Manager

Aurora Miller - IT Manager

Aurora was raised on the premise, “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Steeped in Science Fiction from a young age, her coinciding passion for the media decided her direction and tactics in the ongoing war against societal decay.

Credits include an Oscar-nominated feature film, a nationally-syndicated television show, a handful of commercials and independent films, and a medal for surviving both Electronic Arts and SEGA relatively intact (at EA and SEGA she designed and produced video games). She has also published a boozy cookbook, and an erotic novel that emphasizes the importance of consent in all interpersonal interactions.

Using her experiences in television, film, video games, web development, virtual reality, and traditional publishing, plus a smattering of academic and esoteric disciplines, Aurora can help you put together a plan to make your own dream project a reality — and help you execute that plan using her unique Butterfly Soup transformational process. She’s delighted to support the MYTHWORKS vision in a variety of ways, recognizing the importance of story in making the world a better place.

Contact Aurora

SALLY SHEPARD Sally commercial headshot Jan 2015

Publications Manager 

With the colorful background that only being an extroverted Texan can provide, Sally has explored both sides of the Industry from both on and off camera, to East and West coasts. Originally from Texas, Sally has spent her life pursuing the arts with a primary focus in acting for film.

With dozens of credits over the last decade spanning acting, independent film producing, and voice over, her most recent accomplishment is receiving her MFA from the New York Film Academy in 2015.

Coming off the recent success of her award-winning short film “Expectations”, currently making the festival circuit, Sally decided to embrace the new challenge of writing with “The Body” (her first foray into feature film screenwriting).

As Publications Manager, Sally works on the technical side to prepare materials for publication and presentation.  Whether it be script transposing and formatting, or book prep for online platforms, she works quickly and diligently to get projects to their greenlight.

Contact Sally



Marketing Consultant

Brian Dyer - Marketing Consultant
Brian brings the art of theatre to the marketing process.

Dyer was a Marketing Senior at Arthur Andersen. Yes, before the Fall. He helped coordinate marketing events, press releases, and their CNBC TV series Business Unusual.

Brian has an extensive theatre and dance background, was a fashion model in Italy (you should see the marvelous photos!) and has a great grasp for catchy copy and flyer design.

Besides many theatrical performances, Brian has appeared in a national eBay commercial, the film Death Tunnel, and the acclaimed stage play “Cock Tales”.

To consult with Brian Dyer about your marketing needs:
Email Brian

Board of Advisors

Judith Claire
Colonel Tom Dempsey, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Major General Lon E. Maggart, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Bruce Logan
Kate McCallum
Dr. Linda Seger
Kathie Fong Yoneda