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Romantic Comedies


Recent studies suggest that merely watching and discussing Romantic Comedies with your loved one might be as effective in keeping your love life healthy as is going to couples therapy.

This movie guide can help you find the perfect film to match your mood, put you in a different mood, bring up things you find hard to talk about, start conversations that can clear up misunderstandings, and just generally improve your romantic well-being.

Selected from some of the best-loved and most popular Romantic Comedies, these classic films can show us Love Lessons about how to put and keep Passion, Idealism, Joy, and Dignity in our love relationships.

Watch these movies with a bowl of popcorn and the one you love — and enjoy!

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Your examples are BRILLIANT!  I will buy this book and give it to some couples I know who can learn from it and be inspired by it.  On a purely selfish note, I owe you BIG TIME for inspiring me at this tough moment when I’m trying to write a rom com and totally not in the right frame of mind. Your words reminded me what romantic stories are all about.

Pam Wallace – co-writer Academy Award winning film Witness


Loved Romantic Comedies, and the opportunity it gave me to reminisce about all the great rom-coms I’ve seen over the years (and I’ve watched every one of the films mentioned). Even though it’s being marketed as a film aficionado’s reference book, it’s also an insightful resource tool for writers. Watch these films and you will be an expert on love.

Steven Finly – novelist, screenwriter


Does true love only happen in the movies? For anyone who has loved and lost or is afraid to love or is happily in love, this book gives us an armchair therapist breakdown of the problems, pitfalls, and solutions of falling in love using some of our favorite romantic comedies! With a wink and a smile and a wry sense of humor, don’t be surprised if you discover the answers to those puzzling but memorable romantic situations we’ve all experienced! Who knows? Maybe love really is just around the corner… just like in the movies!

Kathie Fong Yoneda – hopeless romantic and author of The Script-Selling Game


After reading this book I will no longer be watching rom-coms with a cheesecake, in tears, just after a relationship ends. I am going to watch them with my girlfriend, while we are still together, to prevent that from ever happening.

Scott Perlman – writer/director


Check out this interview on the origins of the book!


Dedication and Acknowledgements




“Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”  Washington Irving

Am I Good Enough to be Loved?

The Broken Hearts Club – How to Cancel Your Membership.

Want More Love? Give More Love!

Starting Over? You want to get back in the game, but….

Again… Should you really re-connect with your ex?



“Love is space and time measured by the heart.”  Marcel Proust

Young Love

Don’t Mind the Age Gap

Lovers of a Certain Age

What Kind of Love is This?

Family Foibles



“The most enduring loves are not the ones we choose, but those we are powerless to resist.”  Frank De Ford

Crazy Love! Is it Worth it?

A Cynic (or just a Wounded Romantic?)

I Hate You… I Love You

Commitment Issues? What commitment issues?

Get Me to the Church On Time – or Not.



“I must go where desire is burning.”  Richard Wagner

Sex Changes Everything

Torn Between Two Lovers?

Is This for Love or Money?

Those Cheatin’ Hearts – What’re you gonna do?

Forgiveness – the only way to move forward.



“Love begets love. This torment is my joy.”  Theodore Rothke

Falling in Love for the Very First Time

Mistaken Identities

Worlds Apart

Oops… too late. Did you totally miss this opportunity?

Finding Love Where You Least Expect It


Author CV