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The mob’s best man in Havana is a woman — and she wants out.

Cuba. 1948. Playground of the rich and dangerous.

The CIA wants the syndicate to smuggle German scientists into America before Soviets or Nazi-hunters get them. Payment? The new South American drug trade.

It’s a deadly combination of passion, greed, revenge, and intrigue on an international scale.

Pamela Jaye Smith & Monty Hayes McMillan

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When cars are outlawed, only outlaws will have cars.

Lisa Parker is a successful news photographer and professional race car driver whose life is torn apart when the government starts shutting down all use of individual automobiles – especially racing.

She is seduced into illegal street-racing by strong and secretive Rick, heir to a corporate empire and her behind-the-wheel competitor.

As they all go up against the deadly government enforcers, bonds of friendship and love are formed and broken until the final race demands a test of loyalty – to the death.

Bruce Logan & Pamela Jaye Smith



In troubled times there’s always one man who fights for the right and stands above the rest, no matter the personal cost. In 1375 that man is Raimond Roger de Beaufort, the “Robin Hood of France”.

Plague of Provence is a true story based on real people. This 800 page novel would make a wonderful motion picture – or better yet a captivating mini-series.  Set in 14th century France, it has vivid characters, raw drama, passionate romance, political intrigue, and swashbuckling action similar to Rome and Pillars of the Earth with Game of Thrones spectacle thrown in.

One man’s battle to maintain the nobility of knights and chivalry, honour and love in the face of greed and political corruption takes him from the richest courts of Europe to the gloomy catacombs of Rome, from distant castle keeps to the wild hill-caves of Gascony.

Raimond de Beaufort is a man whose very presence inspires loyalty and envy, fierce love and deadly hate as entire kingdoms rise and fall around him.

Screenplay by Pamela Jaye Smith

Novel by Nina Ansley