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The Matador and the Ambassador’s wife are having a torrid, secret affair. Or so they think.

The seemingly proper and decorous life in diplomatic circles hides undercurrents of intrigue, ambition, and treachery.

When duty confronts desire the result is all too often danger.

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Magda and the Matador met at a bullfight and have been meeting ever since, believing they have hidden their passionate affair behind the proper protocols of Embassies and society events on two continents.

Magda and her husband Jan, the Ambassador, are very fond of each other but their relationship has never caught fire. When she first saw Raphael, breathless and bloody from his victory in the bullring, she was seared by flames of desire. Determined to maintain her enviable position as the Ambassador’s wife while simultaneously indulging her secret passions with the Matador, Magda has no idea how dangerous her love triangle is becoming.

Raphael and Jan both run in worlds where the slightest miscalculation, the slightest misstep, can mean injury, defeat, or death. It’s bound to happen sometime. The only real question is how many others will be hurt by the flying debris of misinformation and deceit.


Suit of Lights, with its “Hitchcockian” plot twists, is a winner. You’ll fall in love with the mistress and the matador in their secret trysts played out on the backdrop of the international diplomatic stage. Tender and terrifying, I was riveted to the last page.

— Gail Jorden

I loved Suit of Lights. You have gotten into the minds of three distinct individuals and have really done a superb job of making all of them realistic, sympathetic and appealing (although I’m not sure how much I really like Jan). I especially liked the analogy you wrote of the Ambassador’s making love to Magda like her body is territory for him to chart. Brilliant!

— Jill Gurr,  produced screenwriter and published author



Scenariasts in the Intelligence community (CIA, NSA, DIA, etc.) are trained to read between the lines, to see movement in the shadows, to draw lines of connection where they don’t obviously exist. Operatives in Humint (human intelligence) keep their eyes and ears open at political rallies, diplomatic soirees, sidewalk cafes and sporting events. They comb the news reports with an uncanny sense of intuition and pattern recognition.  They glean gems of information that can stop a coup, deter an arms sale, forge new alliances, and sometimes turn the tide of nations. Suit of Lights was inspired by an actual news event. It speculates what may have been the real cause behind a seemingly random accident.


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