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The General’s Guide

Cover - Generals Guide - DNA - cropped


General Ginette Gameraldin must make a decision that will affect every being in the cosmos.

The godling Kumarans are requesting yet another genetic alteration and the General is too well aware of how those earlier changes had upset commerce, society, and evolution. She was a lowly Lieutenant many years ago when another General had had to make the decision about the Kumaran’s Third Request – to externalize the nervous system and effect inter-dimensional travel.

Ginette had delivered the message about the Request to the famed General. That older officer had seen something of herself in Ginette and determined to try her mettle. If young Lieutenant Gameraldin passed the psychologically dangerous testing, she could have an incredible future. Ginette was commanded to stay and listen as the General considered the pros and cons of what the Kumarans wanted this time.

Terrified of making a mistake yet thrilled to be singled out by the General, Ginette wavered between silence, questions, and daring pronouncements. Her trial by emotional and mental fire revealed so much about herself and about the way politics and people work, she would indeed never be the same.

Revealing what she had not told anyone, not even in her official report, the older General reminisced about her time among the sepra-bred Kumarans who had split into female and male, with the males having their breeding apparatus on the outside. Ordered to leave those dimorphic bodies behind when they moved off-planet, the Kumarans had refused. Though only meant to investigate them, the General, then herself just a Lieutenant, had fallen into a forbidden sexual relationship with a male Kumaran Captain.

That long night with the distinguished General, helping her make the far-reaching decision, had cracked Lieutenant Ginette’s shell of callow youth and she stepped out in confidence to a long and distinguished career.

Now she too, like her mentor before her, must weigh worlds in the balance and decide the Kumaran’s Fourth Request.

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