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Power of the Dark Side

BOOK: The Power of the Dark Side
The Power of the Dark Side

Who doesn’t love the Dark Side? Darth Vader, Cruella De Vil, Tony Soprano – everybody loves a great villain. And every story needs dramatic conflict – internal and external – to really resonate. This comprehensive, accessible book gives you tools to write the most despicable villains.

Conflict is the very heart and soul of drama, and Smith’s latest work explores character conflict and the various ways to portray it both in scripts and on the stage.

Defining the Dark Side helps you select and clarify the worldview that influences your character’s actions.

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What Joseph Campbell did to explain myth, Pamela Jaye Smith does to help us understand human menace.

Jonathan Young, PhD Psychologist – Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives


Pamela Jaye Smith demonstrates once again that she is one of the world’s experts, not only on the world of multicultural (not just Greek and Roman ) mythology but also on the application of the ideas of archetype, symbol, metaphor and cognitive science.

Rob Kall – founder, Storycon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story; publisher


Fascinating, insightful, profound!

Pamela Wallace – Academy Award winner for Witness


Pamela Jaye Smith has brought screenwriting to a whole new level! Her mythical approach to story and screenwriting has deepened our understanding of conflict and villains and antagonists, and even how to work with the problem of evil. Read slowly and often! And besides, you’ll love Pamela’s wit and humor! I laughed out loud more than once!

Dr. Linda Seger – script consultant, author, screenwriting teacher


As a video game designer, I’ve found THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE enormously useful…to create much more powerful characters, as both protagonists and antagonists, to say nothing of the ever-favorite Anti-hero. Plus, it’s a fun read!

Aurora Miller – Games Industry professional, SEGA


If you’ve got a villain but the worst thing they do is rip the tags off of mattresses, then this book is for you. Ms. Smith takes you there, to the dark side, in a very readable way.

Matthew Terry – Amazon review


What makes this book such a stand-out is Smith’s winning writing style, which provides us with an entertaining “read” as well as a treasure trove of information which writers can continue to rely upon for decades!

Kathie Fong Yoneda – seminar leader, producer, author of
THE SCRIPT-SELLING GAME: A Hollywood Insider’s Look at
Getting Your Script Sold and Produced


Pamela Jaye Smith has the ability and knowledge to take complex material and make it accessible to readers

Rachel Ballon, Ph.D. – writer’s psychotherapist in private practice,
international writing consultant and author of 5 books on writing, the latest –
The Writer’s Portable Therapist: 25 Sessions to a Creativity Cure.


THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE is the best book about the worst in all of us. Not only will it make you a better writer, but it will make you a better, more compassionate person.

Jim Pasternak – director-professor.
Director, Certifiably Jonathan, Hell of a Guy;
writer, Cousins





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