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Pitch Package



**RECESSION SPECIAL** (See below.)


Synopses are often difficult for the author to write. After all, how can you possibly condense your complex, fascinating, fabulous story into one page?!?

I can help with that by offering an objective eye combined with the ability – based on my 30+ years in the media industry – to identify the concepts, high-lights, conflicts, characters and resolutions that agents, publishers, producers, and buyers want to see.

If you’d like to have me read your screenplay, novel, play, or treatment, and write up the Logline, Pitch, and Synopsis for it, that fee is Six Hundred Dollars [$600].

Add a 5 page synopsis/treatment of your story for another Two Hundred Dollars [$200].

“Pamela Jaye Smith is a huge encouragement to any writer trying to hone his or her story. She loves mythic characters and journeys. Anyone would vastly benefit from her insight and wisdom.  I especially appreciated her advice on my writing.”  Jen Waters, Pen Jen Productions 

The Pitch Package:

• Read your script [up to 120 pages] or manuscript [up to 300 double-spaced pages]. Extra pages either script or manuscript, add $1.

• Phone call – 30 minutes discussing your core Theme, Style, Characters, Character Arcs, and Message.

• Write for your story:

    • Logline
    • 3-sentence Pitch
    • 3-paragraph Synopsis
    • 2-page Synopsis

FEE: $600

Printed books, up to 200 pages add $200; over 200 pages please contact for rates.




“Thank you for the great pitch advice! The Expo was absolutely wonderful, and it couldn’t have started off better than the great kick-off meeting with you. I felt so prepared and ready to conquer the world.

I ended up doing 11 pitches. 10 asked for my leave-behind, 5 gave me compliments on my pitch (including one who didn’t ask for my leave-behind). So I was so happy.”  

 Natashia Saunders  “Spinning Wheel” – winner Beverly Hills Film Festival


Pamela Jaye Smith is a writer, consultant, speaker, and award-winning writer-producer-director. She was a regular panelist at the Hollywood Film Festival’s “Sell Your Story To Hollywood” weekend pitch events for a number of years, and has been a Pitch Consultant at the Great American PitchFest for the last eight years.

Pamela is the author of books from publishers Michael Wiese Productions and Pallas Press:

BEYOND THE HERO’S JOURNEY: Other Powerful Mythic Themes

THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE: Create Great Villains and Dangerous Situations

INNER DRIVES: How to Write and Create Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation

SHOW ME THE LOVE!: All Kinds of Love for All Kinds of Stories [with Monty Hayes McMillan]

SYMBOLS.IMAGES.CODES: The Secret Language of Meaning in Media

ROMANTIC COMEDIES: These FILMS Can Save Your Love Life – a movie guide-book to Rom-Coms

With 30+ years in media on feature films, TV series, web series, documentaries, music videos, commercials, corporate, and military projects, Pamela has pitched fiction and non-fiction projects to major Hollywood studios and production companies, independent producers, heads of international corporations, and government officials both U.S. and foreign. She has traveled extensively on the projects themselves, including to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

Pamela Jaye is the founder of MYTHWORKS and co-founder of Mythic Challenges and the Alpha Babe Academy.

To consult with Pamela on your story pitches,
contact her at or 323-874-6447.

Also available: Story & Script Consultation
Also available: Pitch Proxy


Read your one-page [1 p.] synopsis and/or one page [1 p.] Logline, Pitch, Synopsis.

Email three days before scheduled phone consultation.

Thirty minute (30) phone conversation brain-storming and offering specific sentences for a revised Logline, Pitch, and Synopsis.

Feel free to record our conversation.

FEE: $100