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Pitch Proxy

                                   PITCHPROXY PROS



Out of town? Out of the country? Don’t feel comfortable “selling” your story?

Our PitchProxy service works with you to create a pitch package for your story. We then present that pitch to companies we help select according to the genre, budget, and style of your story, matching that up with what the companies are looking to buy and produce.

To ensure personalized and attentive service, we only take on a small number of projects to proxy-pitch. You may have a really terrific script, but if we don’t think we are the ones to do it justice, we won’t take it on. And unlike some other script marketing services, we don’t require that you use our Story Consultation services. We either have confidence that we can effectively pitch your story as it is and get “takers” or we don’t take it on.

Of course I would be pleased to help you bring your script up to presentation standards, but again, it’s not a requirement that you work with us in order to have us pitch for you.

Once we agree to take on your script, we select the best one of our very qualified PitchProxy experts based on the genre, style, and topic of your story.

Our select staff of PitchProxy experts include produced writers used to pitching their own projects through to a sale, and former Development Executives who know what it takes to make a sale. Over half of our PP experts have sat on both sides of the desk.

We compose a logline, pitch, and synopsis for presentation in pitch meetings. We pass this by you to be sure we are in line with your vision.

Using our own proprietary database combined with each pitchfest’s information on the attending companies, what they’ve done, what they’re looking for, the budget range, etc. we select the best targets for your story.

We rehearse the pitch in simulated meetings, just as I’d do for you in a Pitch Prep Session. Sometimes the PitchProxy expert has a brilliant idea while rehearsing it on their own and comes up with something we never thought of in composing the pitch. We want to set a solid foundation of knowledge of your story and your vision but also give the PitchProxy expert free rein to let their enthusiasm for your story run free.

At the recent GAP event, one of our PitchProxy experts was in a meeting, starting the practiced pitch when the Development Exec tugged the papers out their hands, laid the pitch face down and said, “Obviously you like this story. Just tell me why it works for you.” We did. And the Exec held back the line of other writers in order to have yet another pitch session with us to hear more about our client’s story.

Mario - comp

Mario Bernheim, PitchProxy Pro

It’s so exciting to call up writers after a successful pitch session and report, “They liked it! They took the leave-behind!” or “They asked to see your script!”

You receive a detailed report of the results, including the names and contact information of the Development Execs, their comments, and any other relevant info for your follow-up.

Our involvement is only for the pitching service. You maintain all rights to your story and you owe us nothing else – even if it becomes a huge success, as we all hope it does.

“Pamela Jaye possesses considerable marketing skills. She is totally together and an effective director of the process. I had good success with her at the helm. She has earned my trust and I will use her in the future. She’s just so darn good at everything you’d be a fool not to use her prodigious experience and talents.”
Mike D. [repeat client]

Our pitch-to-take ratio for our clients over the years averages 80%

At the Great American PitchFest in May 2015 our ratios ranged from 82% to 92% for an average of 87.5% take-away rate for the Pitch Materials — thanks to our PitchProxy Pros.


Your cost for PitchProxy is two thousand five hundred US dollars [$2,500] plus expenses.

Depending on the event, expenses can include registration, individual pitch session fees, special handout materials (colour, artwork…), etc.

We can also do a Skype/Virtual PitchFest for you. The PitchProxy fee is dependent on the number of pitches you want, plus any registration and per-pitch costs. It includes the same personal attention and services.

We can only take on a handful of stories in order to do them justice, so if you’re interested, please be in touch soon.

“MYTHWORKS is a brilliant gem. I worked with Pamela Jaye Smith in preparing to pitch my book for movie production. The result was 5 interested producers! She is a master in the art and science of storytelling, and has the integrity to match. It has been one of the great blessings of my life to connect with MYTHWORKS.”
Victoria Lowery – Author, CEO, Mrs. Ohio 2001 

Ala Carte Pitch Assistance

*  Pitch Materials – We read your script/book and write the Logline, 3-sentence Pitch, 3-paragraph Synopsis and 1-2 page longer Synopsis. Fee – $600

Pamela Jaye coaching writer Brandon Joyner

more info on Pitch Materials

* Target Acquisition – We read your script/book and then assess all the companies [usually over a hundred] attending a PitchFest, combining their information with our proprietary database.

We then supply you with a Target List of companies who may be interested in your type of story according to its genre, style, budget, and market.

We also supply you with helpful forms for keeping track of your pitches.

Fee – $500

[If we’ve already read your script/book, the fee is – $400]

* Pitch Coaching – in person or via Skype/Zoom. We help you become comfortable and confident in the pitching process, based on our many years on both sides of the table. Fee $200/hour

For more information email us or telephone us at 323-874-6447

“PitchProxy Pros took my idea for a reality tv show to GAPF. An international TV company expressed interest and we have been working together to develop the story-line, do some on-location filming, create the sizzle reel and promotional materials. They’re now about to submit it to the marketplace.”
GVG – novelist and screenwriter


Whichever way you choose to go, we wish you the very best of luck with pitching your stories and making those sales.

Keep writing!

Keep selling!

And keep working to bring your unique vision and style to the rest of the world.

Best regards,

Pamela Jaye




Great American PitchFest
June 23-25, 2017
Burbank, CA

Virtual PitchFests and Listing Services are ongoing.
Contact us for how we can help you with these access portals to getting your project produced.



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